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Robert (Bob) B. Stroud, Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC)

Bob Stroud, President, R. B. Stroud & Associates is a Management Consultant and Senior Trainer whose expertise and experiences in the area of Values-based Organizational Development have been gained through over 20 years of work in the field.

Mr. Stroud graduated from the University of Dayton in Ohio with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He earned his Masters Degree in Business from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bob begn his career with General Motors (GM) in 1976. In 1980 he participated in an Organizational Development initiative designed to encourage better relations between the GM Union and Management personnel.

That experience was a catalyst for Bob, helping him to evolve into a change enthusiast. During the years since 1980, Bob successfully completed a career transition from Industrial Engineering to Human Resources Consulting. As a change enthusiast, accomplished communicator and top-rated consultant, Bob believes that all successful transitions must begin with a strong set of core values. These core values must be communicated to all levels within an organization through ongoing training that is reinforced with appropriate leadership behaviors.


Developed and facilitated Ethics, Diversity, Inclusion, Team Building, Leadership Development, and Project Management training for Fortune 500 companies in the Midwest and nationally.

Worked with secondary school districts' faculty and staff to identify school/student/family issues and developed appropriate learning modules to improve/resolve those issues.

  • Facilitated national consulting assignments and speaking engagements for the Walk the Talk™ Company.

  • Delivered key note speeches on Values-based Leadership and Ethics at University, private sector and other national events.

Community Involvement:

  • Mr. Stroud is committed to "giving back" for the betterment of the community and is in the process of creating a non-profit subsidiary of R. B. Stroud & Associates. The mission of the organization will be to work with youth to promote Ethics and Leadership Development within their personal lives and in the workplace.
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